Product Offers
We have many discounted offers on many products at all times.

Bulk Orders
We offer 10% discount on all bulk orders of items, and on advance orders of bread. Ask us in the shop for further details.

Awareness Weeks
We run promotions during specific awareness weeks such as National Stress Week or Healthy Eating Week where related items will be discounted. We may have therapists or producers in the shop to advise on different health matters or talk about their organic produce.

Organic Month
Myriad plans events throughout the year, some of which coincide with the national Organic Month in September. Check in the shop for further details.

Folk Down The Track
Myriad Organics is the main sponsor for Folk Down The Track which has been going for several years now. Every other month this innovative scheme enables people to take a trip down the Heart of Wales railway line for a night of folk music at one of the pubs close to the railway – most often The Castle at Knucklas – where you are assured a warm welcome, lovely food and splendid service. This Green initiative helps support this (not used enough!) line, while encouraging people to have a great night out without needing to use their cars.