We stock over 2,000 natural and organic products including:

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables (*)
  • Organic groceries
  • Frozen meat and fish
  • Dairy Products
  • Eggs
  • Foods for special diets i.e. gluten free, vegetarian and vegan
  • Wines and beers
  • Body care and cosmetic products
  • Baby care products
  • Baby food
  • Household cleaning products
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Natural remedies
  • Pet food

We also stock Permaculture magazine, and Resurgence & Ecologist, plus other periodicals such as Positive News.

(*) Fresh produce available for the week commencing 10th August 2020:

Aubergineper kgUK/Spain
Beans Pencil/ Frenchper kgWales
Beetrootper kgUK
Broad Beansper kgWales
Cabbage Green  eachUK
Cabbage Redper kgUK
Carrot (unwashed)per kgUK
Carrot washedper kgSpain
Courgetteper kgSpain
Cucumber Mini/MidieachWales
Garlicper kgSpain
Gingerper kgChina/Peru
Herb Basilper bunchUK
Kaleper kgUK
Kohl Rabi RedeachUK
Lettuce CoseachUK
Lettuce Fancy GreeneachUK
Lettuce Fancy RedeachUK
Mushroom Brownper kgNL
Onion Redper kgSpain/Italy
Onion White (Half Dry)per kgSpain
Parsleyper bunchUK
Pepper Chilli Redper kgSpain
Pepper Greenper kgSpain
Pepper Redper kgSpain
Pepper Yellowper kgSpain
Potato New Picassoper kgUK (Shrops)
Potato Red Rudolfper kgUK
Radish buncheachUK
Salad PackeachWales
Spinachper kgWales
Spring Onions (From Tuesday)per bunchUK
Squash Butternutper kgSpain
Squash HarlequineachUK
Squash Hokaido (orange skin)per kgSpain
Sweet Potatoper kgRSA/Spain
Tomato Cherry Vineper kgUK
Tomato Heirloomper kgUK
Tomato Vineper kgUK
Turmericper kgPeru/India
Applesper kgUK/Argentina/NZ
Avocado Hassper kgPeru
Banana (Certified fairtrade)per kgDom Rep/ Ghana/Ecuador
Clementinesper kgR.S.A.
Dates Medjoulper kgJordan
Grapefruit per kgR.S.A.
Kiwiper kgChile
Lemonper kgSpain
Limeper kgMexico
Melon GaliaeachSpain
Nectarineper kgSpain/France
Orangesper kgRSA
Peachper kgFrance/Spain
Pear Guyotper kgFrance
PineappleeachCosta Rica
Plums Victoriaper kgUK
Eggs (Medium)per dozenUK