Here at Myriad Organics we are totally committed to supporting organic food production and making organic products accessible and affordable for our customers. Our policy is to stock only organic food, unless it cannot be obtained organically or if it enables special dietary requirements to be met.

economycycleWe know that there are many benefits of organic food production, including extraordinarily positive implications for the environment, a vast improvement in the lives of animals farmed for food, plus of course improvements in our own individual health, the livelihoods of local producers and the local economy. It’s true to say that we believe organic farming is the only sensible way forward for the whole planet.

We also believe it is vital to support local organic producers, growers, and farmers because we know how important it is to our customers that we can trace back to source the organic food we are providing. Myriad acts as the hub for the network of organic producers and growers in this part of the Welsh Marches, reflecting our ecological philosophy – that we are all part of the network of life both as dependants and contributors.

We have a very friendly team here at Myriad who help us create a quality service and relaxed environment where you can shop, browse and gain knowledge. Our customers know that they can be assured of a warm welcome in our shop! We count many of our customers as friends and are always pleased to see new faces as well.

We are totally committed to providing a quality service to our local community, and we are constantly updating and improving our product range. If there is something specific you would like but cannot find please ask and we will do our very best to source it for you.

We think it’s true to say that you can do all your weekly shop with us, and many of our customers agree…because they do.